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Support the station ... while you shop online!

Help raise money for Christian Radio through online shopping. You can turn your online shopping dollars into donations for our radio station. Simply choose your merchant, and then start shopping! A portion of the purchase price will be donated to the radio station.

So, what's the catch?
Well, most major online merchants have Affiliate Programs. If you’re not familiar with an affiliate program, it’s simply a way for online merchants to pay “salespeople” for generating sales on their sites. Websites that drive traffic to these online merchants, and eventually sales, act as their salespeople. For example, if you’ve read an online review or clicked on an ad and eventually bought something, that first website is getting paid a commission on that sale.

http://www.shopkkxx.com/ does not have detailed reviews or fancy ads. Instead, we donate to your favorite Christian Radio Station.

Simple, effective, and free.


Have Suggestions?

We need your feedback! Do you shop at sites NOT on our list? Please reach out and let us know. If enough people suggest a site, we will reach out to those Merchants and try to get them on our list.

If you have Merchant suggestions, or any suggestions at all, please email us. click here to contact us.